Zohar Shtepel

Acupuncturist & massage therapist

Zohar thrives on creating holistic solutions to return you to wellness. Zohar’s approach also provides the tools necessary to create or maintain health outside of your sessions together. Zohar’s passion is to restore mental and emotional wellbeing.

Zohar is available alternate Mondays and every Saturday

Treatments with Zohar

When you come to see Zohar, she guides you through the process of being treated using a Traditional Chinese approach. She translates her knowledge of Chinese medicine into your everyday experiences. Together, we work out a treatment plan, set goals and set our time limit. 

Zohar provides a safe, rejuvenating space where treatments can provide immediate changes to your health.

Using Traditional Chinese principles, Zohar uses her tools of observing the tongue, feeling the pulse, (respectfully) palpating different body areas and listening to you and your needs, result in uniquely tailored treatment plan according to your age, diet, constitution and lifestyle. Subsequently, Zohar will choose the best therapy or combination of therapies for your elite treatment. Together we walk the path, alone you reap the rewards.

45 or 75 minute treatment

Zohar often combines a variety of methods in her acupuncture treatments. Cupping, gua sha (scraping), soft/hard manipulation (massage) may be weaved into your session, to help you return to balance. Zohar is also trained in Five element acupuncture which is an amazing approach for restoring mental and emotional wellbeing.

If it’s your first visit, Zohar takes a full medical history and gives a slighter shorter treatment.

All ACC injuries need a referral (ACC45) from any of the following: a doctor, osteopath, physiotherapist, chiropractor or other ACC provider. Please bring your ACC letter with you to receive the discounted rate.

$85 & $105 | ACC: $35 & $45

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oriental massage
45, 60 & 75 minute treatment

Tuina is the perfect if you want to experience Chinese medicine benefits without the needles! It’s a specialized medicinal massage that incorporates unique soft or hard techniques, restoring harmony between body and mind.

Tuina can benefit muscle and tendons aches, eliminate digestion problems, alleviate anxiety and treats a wide range of health problems. It’s a great rehabilitation tool – increase range of motion, recovery from stroke or creating better quality sleep.

$99 & $110

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Blog posts by Zohar



This was one of the best massages I’ve had, great firm pressure, Zohar really got right into the muscles that needed attention. I would definitely recommend her to others.


Had the most amazing Tuina session with Zohar yesterday totally relaxed, I felt extremely conformable and the benefits are amazing. Thank you so much Zohar you are the best.”


I was recommended to try Tuina massage/TCM and I consider myself truly fortunate to have found Zohar. For all of us, work/life balance is important and I believe it is essential to recognise dis-ease and to get intuitive help to address this. Zohar was easily able to discover the root cause and offer a range of treatments, all of which were extremely beneficial for my health and wellbeing. I appreciate her welcoming and professional style. Zohar provides a comfortable non-stressful environment that leaves you relaxed and more physically and mentally calm than when you arrive. The benefits are lasting. I strongly recommend Zohar.


Zohar is a very caring and competent practitioner. I was a patient of hers over a period of 18 months. I suffer with Elher Danlos Hypermobilty syndrome. This means that I over use all my joints. This has lead to arthritis in my knees, and lower back. Without the treatment I received from Zohar, I would not have been able to function normally. I would recommend Zohar to any one. She is both skillful and professional.

Look at the British Acupuncture Council’s library for an evidence-based list of conditions where acupuncture may be beneficial