Sally begins four months of yoga teacher training in March

Most of you will have heard or seen me (and possibly both) wax lyrical and wave my limbs around whenever the topic of yoga comes up. Having worked as a practitioner at Hot Yoga for three and a half years, I got to study the differences in treating those who yoga and those who don’t.

This started a bit of a chain-reaction for me, where I began to realise the combined power of treatment and movement. So it feels like a natural evolution to now start my journey into yoga teacher training and see where it leads.

I’ve been asked a few questions about my training in the last few weeks and I wanted to share them with you…

How will your clinic change, while you’re training?

From 1st January 2017, my clinic schedule will be

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Alt Sat
8am – 1pm 8am – 3pm 8am – 3pm 8am – 3pm

From 1st March thru to 1st July, I won’t work on Saturdays – as my yoga training takes place on alternate weekends. My schedule then will be

Mon Tue Alt
Thu Fri Sat
8am – 1pm 8am – 1pm 8am – 3pm 8am – 3pm

Where are you doing your training?

My lovely friend Sandey runs the fab OM Yoga Studio, which is where I often pop-up and run clinic in Auckland. The teacher training is similar in style and ethos of the founders of Hot Yoga – where I grew and developed as both a yogi and a practitioner. I’m feeling quite jiggly with excitement to be taking part in Sandey’s training – so thanks to the OM team for taking me on.

Will you be teaching yoga classes when you finish?

Jolly good question, I just don’t know, yet! I definitely want to teach workshops and share my knowledge of meridians and yoga, but beyond that, I’ll let the journey unfold. That said, between March and June, I’m keen to run some yoga workshops to try out my yoga skills. I’ll keep you posted on the details


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Sally is our Oriental medicine therapist. She likes moving energy in acupuncture channels with needles, her hands or a spot of yoga. Sally’s passion is to restore health through Oriental medicine.