Sally Flewelling

Acupuncturist, massage therapist & yoga teacher

Sally is passionate about restoring health through Oriental medicine. She treats anything from broken toes to digestive problems and, pretty much, everything in between.

Sally is available every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
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Treatments with Sally

Oriental medicine offers a comprehensive, observable framework to understand our bodies. With its holistic viewpoint, Oriental medicine can help us discover why, for example, a chronic knee injury and our digestion problems are inextricably linked.

When you come to see Sally, she endeavours to interpret the signs and symptoms your body is expressing, describe what they mean and uses acupuncture, massage, moxa, cupping or lifestyle advice to create change.

45 & 75 minute treatment

Acupuncture is the most well known aspect of Oriental Medicine. Each organ in the body has its own pathway of energy. Very fine needles are inserted along these pathways to bring the body back to balance.


If it’s your first visit, Sally takes a full medical history and gives a slighter shorter treatment. If you have an ACC injury – please bring your ACC45 letter with you to receive treatment at a reduced cost.

$85 & $105 | ACC: $40 & $55

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oriental massage
45 & 75 minute treatment

Sally’s Oriental massage is based on traditional Chinese techniques. Techniques can be hard and penetrating or soft and rejuvenating – just let Sally know what you need.


While muscles are eased and soothed, Sally assesses your overall distribution of energy and adjusts the flow as necessary.


By helping your body return to balance, physical, mental and emotional well-being are restored.

$99 & $110

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30 minute treatments

Top-up acupuncture treatments are a perfect way to remain pepped-up, when you’re short on time.

Top-up sessions run slightly differently to Sally’s other treatments. Sally takes you straight through to the treatment space, where we briefly chat about how you are and how things are going. Sally then takes your pulse, looks at your tongue and starts treatment as soon as possible.

Top-up treatments are only available if you’ve seen Sally at least once before.


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Gift time with Sally

Our downloadable vouchers make it easy to gift healing time to loved ones.
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Sally treatment voucher

75 mins

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Blog posts by Sally



After struggling to find relief for chronic migraines, a friend recommended Sally. I was pretty sceptical / nervous, but after years of migraines I was ready to try it. I was amazed by the immediate relief achieved and how it lasted several days after treatment. Sally really takes the time to listen, has a huge heart and works hard to help her clients, she really puts you at ease.


Sally listens so well – both to what I say, and to what my body tells her – and brings me back to feeling balanced and restored. I trust her completely.


My GP recommended I see Sally for acupuncture pre and post breast cancer surgery, particularly during radiation treatment. My recovery wouldn’t have been as speedy, nor successful without her skills. Her holistic approach of acupuncture, massage and research-based advice has enabled me to take back my power and reprioritise my life.


I was like a clapped-out Morrie Minor when I first came to see Sally and when I left, I felt like a finely-tuned Lamborghini. For such a small person, she performs such large miracles!


After being led to believe surgery was my only option to treat what had become quite debilitating endometriosis, I started seeing Sally for acupuncture. 12 months on I am indebted to this incredible lady, her knowledge, talent, huge heart and kindness have given me my life back. No surgery, no drugs, and virtually no pain. This is no mean feat! I wholeheartedly recommend Sally.


Sally’s body of knowledge is extensive. She is also one of the most authentically engaging and caring people I have ever met! These combine to make Sally one incredible practitioner! Whenever I get a session with her, it feels like I have experienced a finely tuned body worker and intuitive doctor rolled into one.


Sally has a clear gift for caring and has made such a positive difference to my general well-being. She has a dedicated and thorough passion for Oriental medicine and a wonderful, uplifting manner. I have recommended Sally to family members and close friends, she is a very special talent.


Being new to Oriental medicine, Sally allayed my concerns, created an aura of competence, professionalism and my knee is now pain free. What more could you ask?

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